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American Football is revered in the United States. It’s considered to be one of the biggest sports in the country and one that has the biggest following. The sport is also quite popular in Canada. However, not many other countries in the world have their own dedicated betting leagues. But this doesn’t mean that American Football doesn’t have fans from all over the world. Even though American Football is ultra-popular in the United States, there are still many people that are fans of the thrills of American Football.

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Hence, it’s a very popular hobby that people have. And so, you now have a perfect chance to do some betting on American Football by finding the best betting sites at If you want to learn more about betting on American Football and about some of the perks that you’re going to get at, then you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to read our review on the subject at hand right below.

Perks of American Football Betting according to

We won’t lie, there are hundreds of online sportsbooks that specialize in providing an American Football betting experience for the players to enjoy. However, what we would say that the chance of picking the best betting site for your American football betting increases if you check out our betting site recommendations

The first and most important benefit is that you will bet on the top odds that you can find on the market. With the odds that we suggest, it’s all but easy to win money by betting on American football. Use any online odds comparison tool that indexes betting odds and you will still not be able to compare the odds that is offered across the internet as well as our odds comparison list does. And you will see that we do indeed know where to find the best odds on the market.

If this wasn’t enough, then you will be pleased to learn that you can also bet with some of the lowest betting margins, too. This means that our platform not only lists betting sites with the highest odds, but also sites that offers the lowest betting margins. With this in mind, it’s obvious that making money with American football betting using is easier than the alternative.

But that’s not all. We also know which bookmaker that is best for other major American football leagues and tournaments such as the NFL, the Super Bowl, the CFL, and others. You will never find yourself on a bookmaker that doesn’t offer your favorite sports if you just make sure to the the proper research before you get going.

American Football Betting Tips

There is an element of gamble in American football betting. This shouldn’t surprise you as all sports are, in their essence, unpredictable. So, the favorites will win over the underdogs in most cases. However, this doesn’t mean that the underdogs never have a chance to win. This volatility that the world of sports is built of is what makes things so fun and exciting for punters. Long story short, if you want to bet on American football, it means that you will need to engage in a form of gambling, to an extent.

This doesn’t, however, mean that the outcome of your bets will be guided by blind luck alone. Far from it. The punter can make a series of decisions on which they will base their bet on and this can have a dramatic influence in the success of the bet. So, we advise you to always consider all the factors that you have at your disposal when making a wager. This will help you greatly.

And what kinds of factors do we have in mind? First off, you can learn more about the current competitive form of the teams that will compete. One of the teams may be at an advantage due to the consistent solid form that they’ve had during the prior part of the tournament or season. Also, you may see that a certain key player from one of the teams picks up an injury before the event starts. All this is valuable information that you can use to make the right decision and the right call when making a bet.

Another thing that we would suggest that you do is to not be afraid to go against the flow. What we mean by this is we suggest that you always keep one simple truth in your mind: the house always wins. It will keep pooling huge wins in the long run because most people get too greedy and end up losing money. So, you don’t really want to go with the crowd on every bet that you make. A lot of the times it’s advisable to do the exact opposite as this is where the money lies for you.

Be sure to create bankroll. This would be a certain sum of money that you will give yourself at your disposal when it comes to wagering bets on American football. And with it, you can also create a betting system in terms of the sum of money that you’d be willing to spend during a certain period of time. For example, you may determine that you’re prepared to spend 3% of your bankroll every day. And this is a highly advisable percentage number that we advise you to use as it means that you won’t be overspending. Of course, this demands discipline on your behalf. Don’t overspend and you will enjoy a long American football betting career at

So, lots of our advice for you can be boiled down to two things. First, make your research as in-depth as possible, as you will make the best bets if you know more about the events being played. And second, manage your bankroll and don’t overspend your money when betting on American football. By following these two important pieces of advice alone will you be able to make the most of your betting experience at If you’re at a loss as to what to do exactly, then follow common sense. This is good enough to guide you on the right path in most cases.

Live Betting and Live Streaming for american football

Another thing to note is that you can enjoy yourself over a round (or a few) of live betting as well. Our live betting platform comparison is always up to date and every one of our visitors can use it to find the best live betting bookmaker. Another thing to take into account is that it makes things doubly exciting as you can now make additional bets even as the match is being played. The odds will shift depending on the circumstances on the football pitch and, if you’re smart about it, you will be able to use the odds to your favor by making the right call at the right time.

If you want to take things to the next level when it comes to live betting, will also advise you about which bookmaker has the best live streaming platform. With our live streaming comparison list, you will be able to find the top most popular American football events regardless if it’s in the NFL, the CFL, the Super Bowl, or any other form of competition in the sport. Of course, we can’t say that we cover all the events within the sport. But the live streaming library of the sites we list is still solid enough to merit attention on your behalf.

Find American Football Betting Bonuses using

A nice little perk that you will come to experience on most betting sites is the welcome deposit bonus. That means the bookmaker will give you a sum of money that you can use to make free bets on American football betting, among other sports and essports. What you will need to do to claim the bonus is just two things. The first is that you will need to create an account on the betting site, which is one of the simplest things to go through nowadays, as you will only need to share some personal information like your name and address. The second thing is to make a deposit. By making this deposit, the bookmakers will credit you the selected bonus as long as you qualify for it. You can then wager the bonus money on the American football events that is available.

Also, we would kindly advise you to read through the terms and conditions that we have linked at All the information that you need is contained within the terms, so you can learn how to reach the wagering requirement for the bonuses, among other things. All of the information that you will find regarding, for example, the deposit match bonuses  will help you in claiming it to the fullest extent. And lastly, we kindly remind you that this is not the last that you have seen of us in terms of the bonus offers. We’re known for always listing new and exciting bonuses to players from time to time. Visit our promotions section where you will be able to find more information on the latest and biggest bonuses and promotions that the have available.

American Football Types of Bets

Are you a newbie in American football betting? If this is the case, then we suggest that you do your readding and learn more about the various different bets that are available to make on American football betting.

The first and most widely used bet on American football is the point spread bet. This bet gives you the opportunity to play with the margins and determine on which side of the margin will the final result be. 

Also, you can use the over/under bet in terms of points scored. What this bet gives you is a chance to guess whether the number of points that will be scored will go over the line or below the line that’s set by the bookie. As such, the over/under bet is also another one of the most popular types of bets that people make.

Another type of bet you can make is on the outright winner of the tournament or the league. This is a popular bet, albeit one that’s quite difficult to guess as it’s never easy to predict things so far in the future, regardless of how big a betting favorite a particular team is.

There is also the money line bet which you will use to bet on who you think will be the winner of the match. The odds tend to vary with this one, so make sure that you take all the right considerations before deciding to place this wager.

The bets mentioned above are some of the best American football bets that you can make and they are used most frequently. If you do your own digging, you will find that there are additional bets that you can make that aren’t as popular, but that can definitely have a significant impact on how your betting experience will play out.

Conclusion – Having a Great Time at

Our platform is one of the best go-to places that you should have in mind when you want to do some American football betting. We cover some of the biggest American football bookmakers  in the world, so there’s never a time when there’s a shortage of information about american football. Moreover, our odds comparison will give you a great opportunity to win money as our partner-platforms are known for the quality of the odds and also their low betting margins.

But it’s not just about the platform. What you will also need is to implement our advice properly if you are to get good at American football betting and if you are to have a great betting experience. Also, you should make full use of the bonuses as this will help you get a head start and maybe make some money for free. All in all, if you use to find the best betting site for American football, you will have the time of your life. Make sure to follow the tips that we’ve outlined above and start making some of the bets that we’ve written about previously. Good luck and have fun!