The Best Basketball Betting Sites

Basketball is one of the most popular sports to date. Of course, the best-known basketball league is the NBA in America, where some of the best basketball players in the world play. The teams in America are juggernauts, towering over the competition from all over the world. You have teams like LA Lakers, New York Knicks, Miami HEAT, Golden State Nuggets, and many others that have become synonymous with good basketball. Also, we’ve had some outstanding basketball players in the past known for their skill on the pitch and for their unique personalities, such as Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, the late, great Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, and many others.

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With this in mind, it’s easy to see why basketball is indeed so popular. Even though the grand stage for basketball is in the USA, the sport is still popular all over the world, as there are national basketball leagues in many of the world’s countries.

So, since basketball is such a tremendously popular sport, it goes without saying that there ought to be a basketball betting community. After all, betting on the results of basketball events is one of the most popular hobbies that people tend to have. And, we presume, this is why you’re here at You want to have a great basketball betting experience. If so, we’re here to help. You can read the rest of our review below to learn more about basketball betting, including how to find the best Basketball Betting sites and bonuses.

Playing Basketball

Even though basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports, there are still some people that don’t quite know how the game is played. And in order to be able to wager bets on basketball, you will learn to know the basic rules of the game. First of all, there are two teams in each match, as is the case with majority of sports. Both teams have five players each in their first lineup.

What these players will do is, first, fight for control of the ball and then try to shoot the ball into the opposing team’s hoop. Nowhere better is this game perfected than in the NBA od the United States of America. The players playing basketball there look as if they are from another, more advanced dimension, when compared to other leagues around the world, in terms of the extreme level of their skills. Just watch some of the players and teams that we’ve written about in the previous section and you will get to see why the NBA is so popular. And so, the main goal of the game is for one team to get more points than the other by shooting the ball in the opposing team’s hoop.

Basketball Betting Site Reviews at

And now we come to basketball betting which is why you came here. Our guides and reviews are known because we help people find entertainment through betting with only safe and trustworthy bookmakers. Online safety is a big issue today and there are plenty of scammers in online betting industry. That’s why reading proper reviews before selecting a betting site is important.

First of all, you will not only find bookmakers here but you will also  find some of the best basketball betting odds that you can ever hope for  in the world of online basketball betting. This will do you a world of good as, the better the odds that you play are, the bigger the sum of money that you will win on average with your winning bets. Also, the betting margins are very low, not just for basketball betting, but for all the sports and Esports that you can find on our partner platforms. The low betting margins gives players additional room to increase their wins as the house will now be able to claim a smaller percentage of the players’ wins, which is very much in the favor of the players.

That being said, basketball betting has never been easier than it is after reading our guide. And we also cover some of the major basketball leagues in the world and we make it easy to bet on them. Of course, you will have immediate access to the best basketball league in the world, the NBA, among others. So, if you want to get a premium-level basketball betting experience, then just go with any of the bookmakers in the list above.

Find Basketball Betting Bonuses at

Of course, most bettors would be interested in learning more about the available basketball betting bonuses. There is, indeed, nice welcome bonuses that you can claim if you join a betting site. Such bonuses gives you extra money that you can use on basketball betting, among other sports and Esports.

To claim a bookmaker welcome bonus, you will need to do two things. The first of them is to register an account with a betting site that offers such a bonus. Since you want to bet on basketball, it means that it was already in your plan to join a bookie. Moreover, the account creation process is very simple and easy and you can get it done in a few minutes.

The second thing that you will need to do is make your first deposit at the betting site using one of the available deposit methods that they have available for the players. You should remember that there are usually a minimum deposit that you need to make in order to make full use of a bonus. So, by depositing more than the minimum bonus limit, you will be qualified for the bonus you chose.

Note that there are always terms and conditions that you must adhere to if you want to use a bonus, though. There are usually wagering requirements and time limits. So, read the T&Cs if you want to learn more. And you should come and visit us often as we frequently list new bonus offers that can be a happy surprise.

Basketball Betting Hints

The first most important thing to do remember about basketball betting is that it’s a skill. This means that you can hone your craft and get better at it. Or, if you wish to take the opposite route, you can practice not really caring about the intricacies of basketball betting and your basketball betting experience will plummet. So, you need to be mindful of what kinds of bets you’re wagering at what moments. This will help you big time in learning how to do proficient basketball betting online.

Another important thing to do is to keep your eye on the game. You will need to watch the basketball events that you’re willing to bet on as this will help you learn lots more about basketball betting in general. Moreover, you should read news sites about the match that you’re willing to bet on, as you may get to learn a critical piece of information that the bookie has overlooked and that will turn the tide in your favor. For example, a critical player for the betting favorite may pick up an injury right before the match starts. If you’re quick enough, then you will beat the bookie to it and you will place a wager with odds that have not yet reflected the state of things. And this too will bring you great dividends down the line.

What you don’t want to do, on the other hand, is to confirm your betting biases. What we mean by this is that every fan of basketball has their favorite team to root for. It could be any major or even minor basketball team. And what’s often the case is that these bettors have a bias towards the team that they root for. So, they can place wagers that their team would win the game, even though the team is a heavy betting underdog. After all, we’re humans, so it’s impossible to remain rational at all times. But if you want to make as much money as possible with basketball betting, the you should be mindful of your confirmation bias as this will ruin your betting experience down the line.

You need to be aware of the time that the players spend on the basketball court. As it stands, playing basketball is a very taxing activity. Despite the fact the basketball players are professionals, it still goes without saying that they need some rest from time to time. So, if you watch that one of a particular team’s top players has been playing for several matches straight, then you will need to know that this player will have to rest soon, otherwise his performance will start waning. You may think that this is unnecessary information that you can easily look past, but we maintain that this is critical information that can spell the difference between making a successful bet or not. If you know that a team’s top player needs to rest soon, then you will take this into consideration when making your bet and you will reap the rewards for it in more cases than not.

By following the tips above, you will improve your basketball betting experience and you will earn more money on average down the line. Of course, you should always use your common sense when deciding what bets to wager.

Types of Basketball Bets

The truth is that basketball betting is not that complicated endeavor at all. There is a handful of the most popular bets that you need to have in mind when betting, including:

  • Point spread bets. The point spread bets is one of the simplest bets that you can make in basketball. In many cases, some teams will tend to be better than other teams. So, the bookie will introduce a point spread. For example, in a particular betting scenario, Miami HEAT is better than Orlando Magic. So, the bookie, to make things more competitive and interesting, may introduce a point spread of 10 points for Miami. What this means is that, if you bet on Miami, you’re betting on Miami beating Orlando Magic with 10 or more points.
  • The over/under. The over/under, or points totals bets, as it’s known, is a bet regarding the number of points during the game. For example, if the over/under is set at 200, you can bet over it or under if you believe there will be more or less than 200 points scored in the game.
  • Money line. The Money line is another popular bet as it’s the simplest bet of all. You’re simply betting who you believe will win the match. Of course, if you’re betting on the betting favorite, you will need to wager a lot more money if you want to make it a profitable bet. And vice-versa.
  • Parlay bets. Lastly, we have the parlay bets. If you are to place a parlay bet, it means that you’re placing multiple bets on the same betting ticket. Parlay bets are much more difficult to guess as to their exact outcome due to the fact that you’re betting on more than one events. However, they can be a lot more lucrative due to this reason alone once you do get them right.

So, by learning what the most popular basketball bets pertain to, you will have a clear image in your head as to what to expect in terms of the basketball betting experience.

Conclusion: Enjoy Basketball Betting with

So, we’ve come to the end of this somewhat comprehensive review of the subject of basketball betting. Of course, there is a great deal more to learn and the best way to do so is to practice. So, be sure to create an account at one of our recommended bookmakers and start placing your first wagers on the available basketball betting events. Use all the tips and guidelines that we’ve written for you above and you will do well in the long run. Above all else, make sure to have fun with it. Good luck!