Esports Live Betting

One of the most popular ways in which online Esports bettors use their time is by placing live bets on their favorite games. As you know, the world of Esports is getting bigger and much more populated with different videogames that have risen to the rank of fully-fledged Esports. That being said, if you want to have a premium Esports live betting experience, then you can definitely find what you need here at

Right here, you will be able to find several different Esports-bookmakers. Moreover, there are dozens of different Esports games to choose from in order to see which betting site is best for that game. If you’re hyped for watching some of the best players of a particular Esports game duke it out against one another, then you will be twice as hyped if you also use this chance and start placing live bets on these events. The fact that you stand to win money as you watch the most exciting Esports events live means that you will have a thrilling experience.

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That being said, we’re fully aware here at that in order for the players to be able to have a seamless, fun Esports live betting experience, there needs to be a solid Esports betting platform. And this is why we’ve dedicated a huge portion of time and effort to test and review many platforms for the benefit of the players.

Winning at Esports Live Betting

Chances are that you’re not just doing live betting because it’s fun and thrilling. You’re mainly doing it for the promise of getting money out of it. This is the most important part of the live betting experience for players. There’s no running away from the fact that luck plays a big part in the outcome of the Esports events and whether you will win your bets.

But it’s not all just about luck. This is not classic gambling that we’re talking about here, like you would experience if you were playing, for example, the game of roulette. The thing to note here is that real people will compete against one another. And these people are all professional players, which means that you can watch live matches of them frequently.

What we’re trying to say here is that you can watch the best Esports players in the game of your choice and, by doing so, you will learn a lot about their playstyle, their strengths and their weaknesses. You will see how they measure up against other players and teams, on what kinds of maps they excel, etc.

And luckily, most Esports live bettors happen to be fans of a particular Esport. For some of you, it could be Dota 2, for others it could be CS:GO, and others still may love the game League of Legends. What this means is that the live sports bettors already have a solid idea of what a particular game of their choice is all about.

That being said, some Esports bettors even play the games of their choice themselves. If you don’t play the game you wish to bet on, then we suggest that you at least try doing so. Many of the most popular Esports videogames are free to play. We don’t suggest you play the games to enjoy them (though this too would be a good reason). We suggest you play them so that you see the ins and outs for yourself. This would help you significantly in learning what the game is about and, in turn, it will give you a lot more information to base your betting decisions on.

And the main thing to remember is that it takes time to learn how to bet on a particular Esport live. What’s more, the Esports videogames are constantly being updated and changed by their developers as new versions of the games come out. And this sometimes results in a significant change of the gameplay. You always need to stay present and keep your eye on the game. This will help you gain the upper edge in the long run and start making profits.

Available Esports and Betting Markets

Different sports bettors have different needs and preferences when it comes to wagering live bets. Namely, there are different Esports that the players can bet on. Some are inherently more popular for bettors than others. Regardless, right here at, we have a big selection of different Esports that any player can learn how to place live bets on. You can check the full list of available Esports betting guides we have, but for the sake of reference, some of them are:

  • StarCraft II
  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch
  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • King of Glory

and several others. As you can see, there are Esports in the first-person shooter genre, the real time strategy genre, the multiplayer online battle arena genre, and more. What this means is that there is something for everyone here. You can bet live on end outcomes or on the winner of a particular round, etc. There are several betting markets that you can look forward to place live bets on for practically every event, which makes the Esports live betting experience that much more fun.

Live Streaming Esports together with Live Esports Betting

Where would live Esports betting be without the ability to stream the events live? At we know that the fans of live Esports betting love to watch the events that they bet on. So, when we review Esports bookmakers, we make sure to take into consideration if they offer live streaming of the events or not.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that they cover live streaming for every single one of the Esports events that you can bet on. Practical reasons prevent us from doing so. But we still want to know if you will be pleased with the range of live streamed games to place live bets on, or not. That’s why we carefully investigate the live streaming options.

And we’re talking about getting a crystal-clear image with sound of the same quality. Our reviewers and writers have developed a highly sophisticated model for evaluating the betting sites we review at, and the streaming is an important part of that model. There’s no arguing that being able to watch the events unfold before your very eyes makes up for an outstanding live betting experience for the player.

Hints for Live Esports Betting

We’ve already mentioned that we recommend you to play the game that you wish to bet on. This will give you lots of information about the way the game works and it will significantly expand your acumen when it comes to placing live bets.

But there are also other tips that you can use to your benefit as you place live bets on the Esports of your choice. The first thing to note is that live betting is a deathmatch between the bettor and the bookie. Bookies, for example those listed on, have been around for quite some time and they know the playfield.

So, to stand a chance against the bookie, the player needs to know their Esports very well. The first thing to be on the lookout for is that, to make the most of it, you will need to watch the event live. There are bettors that argue that you can place successful live bets by watching live match sheets, but we personally beg to differ.

To get back to the subject at hand, the players will be able to see how a game plays out by watching a live stream. This will give you a great deal of information on which you can base your predictions and bets. So, if you have a chance, make sure to always watch the event you’re betting on live. This is not always the case but it will significantly enhance your experience and you will place a lot more successful bets. 

Also, be sure to note that there are major differences between different games. The bets that you would place in one game don’t necessarily translate to another game. And, depending on the type of the game you will place live bets on, there will be big differences in the qualities that determine your bets.

At the risk of being repetitive, we’ll once again say that you have to dedicate some time in learning the ins and outs on different games. In this way, you will learn what’s important and what’s not. The size of the map, the type of the map, the available resources, the bomb spots, the first few kills, these are all factors that you’ll need to consider right before placing a live bet. If it looks like it’s complicated, it’s because it is. There are many factors involved in every single event in every Esports game that you will bet live on. You can’t learn it all, but the more you learn, the better decisions you will be able to make as you wager bets.

Note that we’re not saying all this to discourage and dissuade you from placing live bets. On the contrary. There are, in fact, many people that have had a great experience by placing blind bets. This is not something that we’d recommend anyone to do, however, it’s known to be successful every once in a while, due to the gambling nature of Esports betting. After all, there’s luck involved and sometimes, the most unexpected outcome can end up unfolding before your own eyes. It’s just the law of probability at work.

And if there’s one last thing that we’d like to suggest, it’s that you don’t take live betting too seriously. Unfortunately, many online Esports bettors pay no attention to problem gambling. And this can become a serious problem for many people. Esports live betting is a thrilling, one of a kind experience and, as such, it can be highly addictive for some people. So, do your best to not get too carried away with the inevitable ups and downs of live Esports betting and you will do well in the long run. Remember that it’s just a hobby. – An Esports Live Betting Haven

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