Ice Hockey Betting

Ice hockey is a very fun and exciting sports to watch. Two teams get to compete on the ice and try to score as many goals as possible without conceding goals of their own. The winner of the match is the team that has successfully scored more goals than the opposing team. There are major ice hockey leagues and hockey maintains an extreme level of popularity in countries like Canada and Russia, among others. So, there’s never really a shortage of ice hockey betting events.

And what better way to enjoy yourself watching ice hockey than also betting at the game? We teach you where to go for the best ice hockey action across a wide variety of different ice hockey leagues all over the world. So, if you’re a fan of ice hockey and ice hockey betting, then you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to read the rest of our review below if you wish to learn more information about how you can make the best of your ice hockey betting experience here at

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The Best Ice Hockey Betting Sites at

Let’s introduce you to first. One of the main things that you can expect from your ice hockey betting experience if you use is that you will have access to some of the top betting sites that the market has to offer. This is no joke, by the way, as the difference between bookmakers out there can be huge. Both in terms of margins, bonuses, offered events and not to forget, odds, means that you will be able to make bigger wins on average and make more money thusly. If you go and visit some of the biggest brands amongst online sports bookies on the internet, like William Hill, for example, you will see that the size of the brand offsets the quality of the odds somewhat.

Pretty much the same can be said when it comes to the betting margins. For the punters that don’t know, every bet that the punter will win will be taxed by the bookie, so to speak. So, the betting margin is a form of tax. The higher the betting margin, the bigger the percentage of money that you will need to give to the bookie before withdrawing your win. And vice-versa, the lower the betting margins, the smaller the sum of money that you will need to pay every time you win. So, the fact that we’re not yet a big brand powerhouse enables us to pamper our punters and players by having low betting margins that you all can benefit from.

There’s no shortage of ice hockey betting events to bet on, and you can find them by looking in our list right here at We cover the major leagues, so you will never feel like you miss out on action. Just check out to find the best bookmakers if you’re a fan of ice hockey betting in any way, shape or form. So, we believe that we’ve covered all the angles when it comes to finding a proficient ice hockey betting experience which, we believe, you’ll get to have if you use

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Ice Hockey betting is a science as much as it’s an art. You will need to balance these two aspects if you are to get good at it. We can’t really meddle in the whole “art” aspect of ice hockey betting, as it depends on the individual’s grasp of the game and their knowledge of ice hockey betting. However, what we can do is offer some advice on the scientific aspect of the game, so to speak.

First of all, you need to know about the one certainty about betting in general. The house wins. Once you get to understand what this means, you will be able to start implementing tactics and strategies with which you’ll maneuver over the house’s edge and start making profits.

The main point about the fact that the house wins is that the average playstyle that punters tend to have is one that’s favorable for the house. And the major point that we can deduce from this is that you have to separate yourself from the crowd if you are to make big ice hockey wins down the line. This is not easy to learn and do, though. Sometimes you may think that the betting odds are so obviously biased that your hand is forced to make a bet going along with the crowd. But in time, you will start to learn the ins and outs of ice hockey betting which will, in turn, help you make the right decisions at the right time. Long story short, it’s not always advisable to follow the crowd. Sometimes you will need to follow your own opinion and intuition.

Now, for some more practical advice. We advise you to do heavy research on all the data you can find regarding a particular ice hockey betting event that you’re willing to bet on. This includes the players in the field, who’s injured, who’s having a perfect form as of late and more. Also, be sure to learn about the previous outcomes of when the two teams have faced off in the past. Make sure that you know of the team’s recent form as of late. Again, the more information you learn about a particular event, the easier it will be to make the right decision and place the right bet that will end up winning you a nice sum of money. Note that sometimes, if you have all the information you need, you will place a bet on the underdog and still win. The fact is that if you’re betting on the underdog, it’s a riskier bet but you stand to win a lot more money from it. And sometimes you will know things that are likely to turn the tide in the underdogs’ favor.

Also, be sure to watch ice hockey as often as possible. This shouldn’t present much of a problem for you because chances are that you’re already an ice hockey fan, since you’re reading this review. But the thing is, you will learn a great deal about the complexities of ice hockey if you watch the top ice hockey teams and players play. Of course, we’re not just saying that you should watch ice hockey leisurely as you’re drinking beer and chatting with your friends. What we mean is for you to watch the events with full concentration. It’s advisable to listen to expert commentary if you have the chance, as this will help you understand what’s going on the ice a lot better. And in time you will start to pick bits and pieces of the ice hockey puzzle which will improve your ice hockey betting experience at your chosen bookmaker.

Lastly, we urge you to create and manage your ice hockey betting bankroll. The bankroll is the sum of money that you’ll allow yourself to spend on ice hockey betting. We advise that you use up to 5% of your bankroll as a daily allowance. Otherwise, if you spend more than that, then you may end up losing a big sum of money in a very short span of time. Make sure to manage your bankroll appropriately and you will maintain your longevity in ice hockey betting while making profits.

Ice Hockey Betting Bonuses at

And now for some good stuff. At, you can find many deposit match bonuses if you want to bet on ice hockey. And it’s very simple and easy to get it, too. You will have to do two things and two things only:

  • Register an account at one of the sites recommended by This is mostly a simple process that you can get done in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is write some personal information like name and address and that’s pretty much it.
  • Make your first deposit at the bookmaker. The minimum size of your deposit that you need to make to claim a full deposit match bonus varies depending on which bookmaker you choose. So, if you deposit just $50 with one of the available betting sites, you will get a $50 worth of free bets for ice hockey, if the match percentage is 100%, which is quite common for bonuses.

And that’s pretty much all there is when it comes to ice hockey betting bonuses listed on Of course, you will need to read the terms and conditions if you are to make the most of your bonus. This is always the smart thing to do regardless of the exact online sports bookie that you’re about to bet on. Here, you will find lots of useful info about the nature of the welcome deposit match bonus and how you can extract the biggest value from it.

Don’t forget to come and visit us often. One of the best things about our platform is that we tend to dish out nice bonuses from the best bookmakers to the new and current punters alike. This is, once again, free money that you can use for betting on your favorite sports, ice hockey included. That’s why bonuses are so important.

Live Streaming and Live Betting Ice Hockey

Pre-game bets are what most people know and use to have fun with ice hockey betting. But did you know that you can also place wagers even as the match has started and play is under way? You can do this by using the bookmaker’s live betting sections where you will find top ice hockey live betting action on the majority of the events. Of course, the highly volatile and potentially addictive nature of live betting makes live betting not compatible with everyone’s needs and preference when it comes to betting. However, there is a big subset of punters that thrive on live ice hockey betting.

Also, you can use live streaming services as a form of advantage while live betting. Som bookmakers offers built in live streaming that will give you immediate access to streams of some of the biggest ice hockey events. Of course, none can cover all ice hockey events, as this is not quite feasible. But we still believe that you will be pleased at the number of events that you can stream directly from some of the bookmakers listed on If you view a live stream of the event you are betting on, that makes the live betting experience much more enjoyable and potentially lucrative, as you now have a way to follow the action in the event as it takes place.

Types of Ice Hockey Bets

If you want to bet on ice hockey, then you will need to know about the various different bets that you can make on the ice hockey matches, including:

  • Money line bet, with which you’ll try to guess which team will win the game
  • Total match goals, which is pretty self-explanatory
  • Bet on who will win the league or tournament
  • You can bet on who you believe will be the first or last goal scorer of the event

And there are several other popular types of bets that the punters can make while betting on ice hockey events as well. Only by making judicious use of all available information, you will be able to get the biggest wins with ice hockey betting.

Conclusion – Best Ice Hockey Betting Experience

In conclusion, we would say that you’ll have the best ice hockey betting experience if you come and visit our platform to find the best ice hockey betting sites. There are many different reasons why we feel that this is the case, the main one being that you will get access to the best odds comparison tools that the market has to offer and lists of betting sites with the lowest betting margins for the house. Also, we list the generous welcome bonuses in the industry, for some free betting action. We hope that you will get lucky with your ice hockey betting journey, which starts at Have fun!