No risk matched betting

In sports betting, matched betting is the safest way to make money from gambling and it’s an easy process. There is almost no risk involved because you are always risking the same odds.

With free bets offered by many bookmakers and betting sites for new customer sign-ups, you can understand why it’s called no risk matched betting.

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What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a form of gambling that guarantees low risk with high returns. You can earn a free bet from a bookmaker without risking anything in return.

In no risk matched betting, you will have to lay multiple bets with different bookmakers and gambling websites.  In order to profit, only one of the free bet offers is required to be profitable.

Multiple free stakes mean that you will receive more free bets than the value of your total stake amount. Free bets in sports betting are often given because of promoting certain online casinos or sportsbooks.

As this form of free bet involves books offering free coupons/bets to people who could potentially place wagers using their services, there would be no risk involved for these types of businesses since a risk matched betting is not strictly gambling (rather an act of free coupons/free bets exchange).

The Benefits of No-Risk Matched Betting

There are numerous benefits of no-risk matched betting. The advantages include free money, early cashouts, no risk involved, and instant payouts.

Free money

Free bet is free money if you win the bet. You can use it to make more free bets or withdraw them instantly.  

In sports betting, sportsbooks usually offer up to £100 free bet for new sign-ups. The biggest free bet I won was £150 from Paddy Power.  

Early Cash Outs

If you only want to claim your free stakes but not place any further wager on that particular bookmaker, there are matched betting services that allow an early cash-out or withdrawal at any time.

This is useful if you do not want to risk-free bets or your free bet expires.

This can be done by emailing support or via live chat.  This free cash-out method is usually reserved for free stakes only because there is no profit margin from them so bookies offer free payout early.  

No risk involved

If you succeed, you win the free stake and if you fail you lose nothing as the free bet was free money in the first place.  

The cost of a free bet is zero!  It means that there is no betting risk to worry about at all! In technical terms, no risk matched betting also known as “risk matched” betting or arbitrage betting doesn’t involve any risks as it’s completely risk-free.

Instant Payouts

Free stakes usually take around 2 weeks to clear. Once free bets are won, free cashouts take only 3 days (or less) to be transferred into your bank account.

How does Matched Betting Work?

In sports betting, matched betting is the process of laying an amount equal to your bet risk on a betting exchange, to cancel out unwanted bets.

This can be done free by registering with bookmakers to receive free promotions for signing up. Many people are doing this as a way to make money thanks to matched betting offers.

Betting Exchange Terminology

Before understanding how no-risk matched betting works, you first need to know the difference between a back bet and a lay bet.

A back bet means betting on something to win – for example, backing Chelsea to beat Manchester United.

A lay bet means betting against something – for example, during a sporting event laying Manchester United to win at lay odds of 4/11 (decimal odds of 1.36) . If they do win, you make a profit of 10p multiplied by your stake (in this case 36p). If they don’t win, you lose your stake.

In sports betting exchange, no-risk matched betting uses a lay bet to cancel out the back bet. What you need to do first is to place a qualifying bet.

Qualifying bet vs Free bet

The qualifying bets are the first bets you place, your own money, be it win or lose.

It is important to note that qualifying bets do not have to be placed with real money, just as long as they are your first bet using your new account.

So even if you deposit $20 and lose all qualifying bets will satisfy the wagering requirements for this bonus prior to claiming any free bonuses. A qualifying bet is also what will reward you with free bets and promotions.

A free bet is defined as a bet that is awarded to you by bookmakers for, well, nothing. They will usually come in the form of a deposit bonus or matched offer, where if you bet X amount then your bookie will match it with an equal value-free bet.

An example of how matched betting works

Let’s say you want to bet £10 on Chelsea (back) and win £30 if they do (profit). You can set up this lay bet for free on a betting exchange, with your £10 stake at risk against Manchester United winning.

If Manchester United loses, you’ll make a profit of 30p multiplied by your stake (so 30 x £10 = £300).

If Manchester United win, you’ll lose your initial bet (£10) – but that will have been covered by the lay bet that matched it.

However, in order to get paid out from your bookmaker for matching both bets, you have to lay £10 at odds of 4/11 (1.36)  or higher.

Here’s another example, with goalscorer betting instead of match betting: if you bet on Chelsea winning 3-0 and they do, you’ll win £20 for your back bet.

However, since this is less than the value of your lay bet (£30), you’d lose money overall unless you laid more than the value of your back bet – which means laying Manchester United at 11/8 (2.38).

If Chelsea fails to score three goals, then the lay bet will also fail – but again, it doesn’t matter because by matching both bets your profits are covered anyway.

How much profit can I make from matched betting?

During sports betting exchanges, matched betting guarantees a profit of at least £5 per bet on average, regardless of the final result.

Generally speaking, on sports betting exchanges you will be able to obtain a better price for all but one selection during a specific market.

You can then ‘lay’ each selection for an equal amount to ensure that your position is risk-free. If done correctly, there is no way that you can lose money.

You may make a very small loss on the qualifying bet due to the margin taken by the betting exchange, but you will make money on your later, risk-free bet.

What’s the risk of matched betting?

Theoretically, there is no risk involved in matched betting because you are risking nothing and simply placing free bets on the casino or bookmaker website to cancel out your winnings.

However, you’re required to put up an initial stake. This is not technically ‘risk’ but you will lose the money if your bet doesn’t win.

Your matched betting site should explain their policy on this though. As a general rule, the risk of losing the initial set-up stake is very low (~5% at most) so it’s probably not worth worrying about!

The real risk comes when you make mistakes, so you must be very meticulous in order to reduce your risk of failure.

Matched betting is done by chance but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to increase your odds of success.

How to Follow a Matched Betting Strategy

Here is my complete guide with all the steps towards a matched betting profit:

Step 1: Open an account with two betting websites. I recommend using my betting partners Bwin and Ladbrokes as they currently offer the most generous welcome offers around.

Step 2: Log into your account with both gaming websites, select an online sportsbook market on one of the sites (Bwin) and place a £2 Betfair lay bet opposite it on another site (Ladbrokes).

You can profit from both sides of the market, so don’t be greedy. If you want to try your luck on more than one company, open accounts at more than two companies – but only if you have time for this!

Step 3: Choose whether you want to cash out your bets after the market address and before the start of the match.

This is essentially an insurance policy in case one company pulls out of its commitment during the period between the market being posted and the start of play.

If there is a chance that this can happen, we recommend cashing out both sides asap, so that if it does go wrong you’re not left with any losing lay bets.

Step 4: After betting on Bwin, log in to Ladbrokes and place a £2 opposite-way bet again (this time for Manchester City to win). You will now have two matched bets with odds that add up to 100%.

Step 5: You can view your Accumulator bets in Ladbrokes and Bwin. Always press the green button to accept the bet and move on to the next step of placing a new bet on either Ladbrokes or Bwin.

When you have placed all six, start betting with your cash balance – repeat steps 2-5 till you reach your target!

Step 6: Having selected both sides of an accumulator that totaled 100%, any winnings will be matched with what you staked initially, up to £100 if using my recommended favorite sites (remember it’s +100% ROI!).

If there are no match place bets till every last penny is accounted for. And remember to stop betting when you’ve hit your ROI.

Step 7: Once you’ve completed your matched bet, cash in your winnings and repeat the whole process again!

Don’t forget most bookmakers refund your losing stakes if there is a cancellation or postponement, so don’t be scared if you think something might go wrong!

This will allow you to get paid out on either side of the market. If they don’t reimburse losing bets, at least both sides of the market still add up to £100 meaning you are still at +100%.

No-Risk Matched Betting FAQs

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Yes, matched betting is legal and regulated by the Gambling Commission (and not illegal and unregulated, as some people think).

Why do Bookmakers Allow No-Risk Matched Betting USA?

Many bookmakers in the USA run promotions in order to try to attract both new and repeat business. Bookmakers are not banks, so they have to make their margin in some way.

One of the best ways for bookmakers to do this is via matched betting. This is where you place two bets with different outcomes, but with the same result occurring. Once your stakes are returned you can then withdraw your winnings. 

This works because bookmakers offer free promotions, bonuses, and enhanced odds offers which mean that if you wager a predetermined amount then your original stake will be returned to you by them including any winnings, along with some extra money as well!

What is a matched betting calculator?

In sports betting, a matched betting calculator (matcher) is a tool that calculates whether your bet will make a guaranteed profit, and by how much.

Is No-Risk Matched Betting a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. Betting sites won’t close down or stop matching your bets after a loss.

And you don’t need to worry about the fish not being there, match betting is a classic “up-down” strategy and it works even if the fish isn’t completely clueless – although they have an advantage over you as they play for free.

What are free bet promotions?

In online sports betting, free bet promotions are awards given to players via an online sportsbook.

In betting sites. the “free” in free bet promotions means that aside from opening the account, placing the wagers, and withdrawing winnings, there are no strings attached.

Do You Need to Have Sporting or Betting Knowledge?

None at all! That’s the beauty of the betting industry. You don’t need to have sporting or betting knowledge to get into it. You actually have the same odds as any other punter.

However, because of the same odds, it is important for you to understand the same breakdown, so that you know how much profit to strive for each time or if your bet is successful or not. You need to calculate the expected value.

In matched betting, the same profit means the same profit. It does not mean the same outcome. The outcome can differ but the same profit needs the same outcome too!

Last Thoughts

If you’re looking for a risk-free way to earn money on your favorite sports team, look no further. With matched betting, there are literally zero downsides and it can be as easy as following these steps. So what are you waiting for? Start earning today!

No more need to stress about how much time or money is being wasted by placing bets with the house always winning in the end – not when we’ve got this simple trick up our sleeve.

It doesn’t matter if you like soccer (football), basketball, American football (gridiron), or any other sport; all that matters is that your favorite team wins. And now they will – every single time.