Rainbow Six Betting

The Esports competitive landscape is continuing to grow. There are countless new games that come online and that players enjoy playing. Many games fail to make a mark and they are left out in time. However, some games come out and you can immediately see that they are here to stay. Rainbow Six Siege is one of these games.

If you’ve ever played or seen anyone else play CS:GO, then you’ll have a solid idea of what Rainbow Six Siege is about. In every game, there are two teams of so-called operators. They compete against one another during the round. So, in this regard, Rainbow Six Siege is very similar to CS:GO. However, it wouldn’t be fair to say that the two games are identical to one another. Both of them have their fair share of distinctions that work as their respective strengths and weaknesses. And this is why both games continue to be as popular as they are to this day.

We’re here to tell you that, if you’re a fan of Esports betting, then you can enjoy placing Rainbow Six Siege bets with any of the bookmakers recommended here on  CasinoCashing.com. We recommend betting sites that are made with the goal to satisfy true fans of Rainbow Six betting as possible. And if you want to learn more about what Rainbow Six betting is about, then you’ve come to the right place.

Rainbow Six Gameplay

If you are to place successful bets on Rainbow Six Siege, then you’ll need to know what the game is about. We’ve already told you in the previous section that the game is very similar to another popular Esports, CS:GO. There are two teams in each game and the goal is for one team to beat the other.

There are a few different game modes that help prevent the game becoming stale. The most popular ones are:

  • Hostage rescue mode
  • Secure area mode
  • Bomb mode

The modes are pretty self-explanatory. The hostage rescue mode will have one of the teams try to rescue hostages, while the other team prevents them from doing so. The secure area mode will have one team defend a particular area while the other team tries to take it. Finally, the bomb mode is one where the players of the attacking team will try to set off bombs in one of two different locations on the map and the defending team will try to prevent the attacking team from doing so.

The game may seem deceptively simple at first. After all, it’s just about beating the other team to win the game. But there’s a lot of strategy involved in every Rainbow Six round of play. It really is a game of skill and the better players will win in the vast majority of cases. This is why there are so many R6 competitors that have dedicated vast portions of their time to mastering Rainbow Six. And we would confidently say that there is no player in the world that can be said to be a true master of Rainbow Six.

With this in mind, it hardly comes as a surprise that there are R6 Esports tournaments that feature grand prizes of more than $500,000. These are the biggest tournaments that you can find in R6, and they are some of the biggest tournaments in Esports, period. And this is a major testament to Rainbow Six’s popularity. In time, we expect that the game will become even more popular than it already is. Despite the fact that the game was initially released back in 2015, there are new updates coming out every so often to this very day, keeping the game as fresh as it was when it was originally published over 6 years ago.

Betting on Rainbow Six with CasinoCashing.com

But enough about the game’s gameplay. You’re here to learn more about Rainbow Six Siege betting. And we’re here to tell you that you will have the time of your life placing bets on Rainbow Six Siege if you follow our guides and recommendations  right here at CasinoCashing.com.

There are several different kinds of Rainbow Six Siege betting markets. The most popular ones are:

  • Map winners. With this bet, you will be betting on which team you believe will win a particular map.
  • Outright winners. With this bet, you will wager that one of the teams playing will end up winning the entire tournament.
  • Tournament finalist. There’s another type of bet that you can place on the team that you believe will make it to the finals of the tournament.
  • Correct score. If you place this bet, then it means that you’re betting on what you believe will be the final score of a particular R6 match.

As you can see, there are several different bets that you can make when betting on Rainbow Six Siege. Knowing when and where to place these bets is another thing entirely, though.

Live Streaming and Live Betting

Some of the betting sites we list also offer live streaming and live betting services. We believe that most of the fans of Rainbow Six betting will be delighted to learn that they can wager live bets on their favorite game, and not only pre-match bets. Moreover, many of the top-ranking R6 tournaments and individual matches will be made available for live streaming on various live streaming platforms.

There is also a big variety of bets that you can make live. And the reason why esports live betting is such a popular form of online Esports betting is the fact that it’s a thrilling experience to be able to bet on a match as it transpires. We promise that you will have the time of your life when live betting on any one of the websites we list here at CasinoCashing.com.

Rainbow Six Betting Promotions

Esports betting sites online are known for giving generous bonuses to the players that come to place wagers on their favorite Esports events. Right here, you will be able to find out where to get the best welcome bonus, or any other type of bonus for that matter.

When it comes to claiming a betting bonus you first have to choose which bookmaker you think have the best bonus. Step two is to create an account and make your first deposit after which you will be eligible to claim the bonus in most cases. The bonus money can then be spent betting on, for example Rainbow Six Siege.

If you have the time, then head on out to the bookmakers and read the terms and conditions pertaining to the bonus that you are looking to use. You will there be able to learn all important information regarding how to claim the bonus and any terms related to the bonus as well.

Also, we suggest that you come and visit our promotions section often, as you may just be able to find a new bonus every now and then as a welcome surprise.

Rainbow Six Betting Hints and Tips

If you want to be successful at R6 betting, then you need to follow some guidelines that are made to help you along the way to making profits. Here are some simple tips that you can follow for this exact purpose:

  • Research the Rainbow Six betting landscape. There are countless online websites and forums where you can read information about the game and the way it’s played. Use this information to your advantage. It will make you a lot better prepared in making appropriate bets at the right moment. And with all the available information on the internet, it would be a serious mistake on anyone’s behalf not to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about Esports in general and Rainbow Six betting in particular.
  • Play the game if you have the chance. Rainbow Six is not rocket science, it’s a game that can be enjoyed by just about anyone that tries playing it. One of the best things about playing Rainbow Six is that you will get to learn a great deal about how the game works. This will, in turn, help you significantly with Rainbow Six betting. You’ll also learn a great deal about it too, you’ll be much better prepared to watch the action and make minute-to-minute decisions with your live bets as you’re watching Rainbow Six live streams and betting live.
  • Have your passions in check. The mental aspect of Rainbow Six betting cannot be overlooked if you want to have a successful career in R6 betting. The fact of the matter is that far too many players have problems with not being able to control their propensity for online Esports betting and so they end up overdoing it. So, the best bet is to make a bankroll and keep your Rainbow Six spending under control. If you fail to do so, then you may have some serious problems down the line. So, always try to make it a habit to gamble responsibly. No “ifs” and “buts”.
  • Experience is the best teacher. Reading about a particular subject is one thing, but experiencing said subject directly is another thing entirely. The logic is simple. The more often you wager bets on Rainbow Six, the better you will become at it. Experience really is the best teacher out there, so be sure to invest a lot of time in betting and you will get a lot better in it. Remember, don’t take things too seriously initially, as you’re bound to lose some money as a beginner. After a while, you will notice that you’re making huge progress in taking the right bets at the right moment in time. Your bank account will be grateful for it.

If we were to continue adding entries to our list of hints and tips for Rainbow Six betting, then it may take us to write a whole book on R6 betting before we feel that we’ve managed to exhaust the list of applicable betting hints and tips. So, in the interest of brevity, we hope that you will take what you can from our list of tips above and that you will implement them when betting on Rainbow Six with a big level of success.

Rainbow Six Betting on Mobile

One of the best things about most modern betting sites is that they are compatible with a big variety of mobile platforms. What this means is that you will be able to do Rainbow Six betting right from your mobile device and on the go. Nothing could be any easier. Many betting sites also offers mobile Apps which makes the bookmakers even more accessible with mobile devices. And the betting experience is very much like the one that you would have if you use the main platform. It’s just that now you will be able to enjoy your favorite hobby while you’re on the go, betting from your mobile device and you’ll only need access to the internet to be able to do this.

In Conclusion – Rainbow Six Betting

If you’ve been reading our review until this moment, then we’re confident to say that you’ve now learned a lot about what it means to bet on Rainbow Six. You’ve learned a lot about the ins and outs of the game and what you can do to improve your overall Rainbow Six betting experience. You’ve learned that we offer some of the very best live betting and live streaming bookmakers that you can find on the internet.

So, what remains for you to do is create an account on a betting site through our lists and make your first deposit. If you remember, bonuses are mostly available to all the new players when they make their first deposit. So, this is a nice little treat that every player can use for betting on Rainbow Six. Remember to gamble responsibly as well. Keep an eye on your bankroll and make sure to place the best bets possible. Good luck and have fun!