Proline Betting

The world of online sports betting is one that has seen an increase in popularity over the last few years, especially for Canadian bettors. But there are many who may not be sure how to get started. This post will give you the information you need to know about Proline Betting and what it can do for your game.

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What is Proline Betting

Pro-Line is a betting service that exists in nearly all Canadian provinces and gives the chance to Canadian bettors to bet in a variety of different sports. It is a very different service than other types of betting services because you are not obliged to bet on just one game or event, but rather on an entire slate of them at the same time. That allows Pro-Line users to make better use of their money since they do not have to wait for specific games or events which may never come up during the course of a day or week. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation set the odds and the philosophy of Pro-Line is based on parlay betting.

Parlay Betting

In sports betting, parlay wagering is a form of gambling where parlay wagers are placed on multiple events that have to win. Looking at the betting odds, in order for a player’s parlay bet to win, each individual event/game must be a winner.

How does Parlay Betting Work?

Players typically parlay bets from two to eight games, which can include any combination of spread, money line, and over/under betting options. A parlay with two teams would mean you’d have to pick correctly both the team who will cover the spread and also select if they will either win outright or not.

For example, Team A is favored by 4 points over Team B but if Team B wins then it is still considered an upset as they are giving up 4 points. parlay betting offers a higher payout than straight-up action on just one team by pairing two or more games together.

Parlays can be bought at proline betting odds which means that all of the games have to win for a bettor to collect their parlay ticket and receive the full parlay odds payout. If any individual game loses, parlay betting rules will dictate who gets paid and who doesn’t base on how many teams were picked correctly in the parlay wager. If all but one team is correct, then half of the total payout goes out with the remaining 50% of the parley going to those who had at least two teams correct.

The Number of Teams Combined

Parlay betting can pay off big, especially if a parlay player is able to successfully predict the winner in multiple long-shot games. In parlays consisting of three teams or more, proline odds decrease with each additional team added until five teams are hit. Parlays hitting five teams will typically have higher parlay payouts than parlays containing six or more teams due to parlay odds decreasing with every addition of a new game/event entered into the wager.

Parlay betting gets its name from parley which is defined as a discussion between two parties, usually for the purpose of negotiating an agreement. With parlay bets, parleys take place on the field of play where sports bettors must parlay their way to picking the correct parlay bets in order to receive parlay odds payouts.

As with all forms of sports betting, parlays can result in financial ruin for players who wager more than they are capable of handling. Please be sure you know how parlays work before betting real money on them and never bet more than you can afford to lose on parlays or any other form of sports betting.

How to play Proline

First things first, Proline betting cannot be done online, you need to do it in a brick and mortar location the old-fashioned way! Below I will give you an example to help you understand how to play Proline.

You go to a parlay betting site and find out that your parlay (accumulator) needs to be at least 3 teams minimum. A straight bet on this parlay at -110 (if you get the best odds of all, do not worry about it for now, if not then we will get into that later). So we need three teams; let us choose two NFL games. Teams A and B are playing and the line is Team A (-2) @ Team B (+2), another game has Team C (+1) vs Team D (-1). We have our three teams for our parlay bet so let’s set them up in parlay wagers from left to right, so they add up correctly.

-110 parlay bet on A (-2) @ B (+2) and C (+1) vs D (-1). That is it, you are done!

Now the parlay betting odds will change on the game day depending on how many people played that parlay or placed money on it. Of course, if only one person places $100 on the parlay he/she will get 100 to 1 payout, but if 200 people place $10 on it then they will get 50 to 1 payout for that parlay bet (split of winnings pending of course).

Now here is where things can be confusing; say you chose this parlay at noon but now come back to make your bet at 3. What happens?!; well the proline odds are much better now because more people placed money on it. The parlay payout will change in your favor or against you depending on how many people picked the same parlays as you did. To make all of this easier for you, I suggest going to a parlay betting site and finding out what the proline odds are for all available parlays (of course they will give you great odds if you place $100 on them).

Now that you know all about Proline let’s see how it differs from online sports betting.

Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks are sports betting services that allow sports bettors to place their bets online. Online sportsbooks have sportsbook software installed on them, which allows sports bettors to access the sports betting site and place their wagers online. The sportsbook software is managed by the sports betting service. The management of the software will affect your experience with an online sportsbook. There are different ways that an online sportsbook’s sportsbook software may be managed including but not limited to:

– The operator of the sportsbook may handle it themselves, or use independent third party developers who keep track of bug fixes and updates for them; or they will find a centralized sportsbook provider who handles all aspects of maintaining the software for them;

or they may use a combination of these two business models and others.

– The sports betting site may be managed by an independent gambling software company that specializes in online sportsbooks and handles all aspects of the management for them; or they may do it themselves, or they work with a single third party developer to update their own personal sportsbook software; or there is no single source that takes care of the management issue, and multiple different providers manage different features (like platform updates) independently.

Your experience as a customer will vary depending on the service you choose. Online sportsbook reviews will help you find what type of experiences other customers have had with specific online sportsbooks. The majority of single-game bets placed at online sportsbooks are single-game parlays. Single-game parlays are single-game wagers that payout if they win when any single game in the single-game parlay wins. For example, single-game parlay #1 is NY Giants +2 -129 vs Minnesota Vikings -3 +118 single-game parlay odds.

If you place single-game bet 1 on NY Giants, and NY G ants win against Minnesota Vikings, then single-game bet 1 will win. You can then view your account balance to determine how much money you have won for that single sports gambling day. This applies to each of the single games in the single sports betting ticket.

Online Betting Sites

When looking at your betting options, there are many winning sportsbooks on the internet. You can definitely win money there. One of the most popular and trusted sportsbooks is Bet365, they offer top odds and free bets for first deposits. Bet365 has one of the biggest live betting sections that we have ever seen on an Odds Comparison site! Another one of the top sportsbooks is Betfair. Betfair is the 2nd largest betting exchange in the world behind only Betdaq. Betting exchanges are different from traditional bookmakers, you can get better odds & win more money on average with this site! These are the top sportsbooks to win money. I hope you win lots of cash there!

What are the differences between Pro-Line Betting and Online Sports Betting?

There are two basic principle differences between pro-line sports betting and online sportsbooks. The first difference is the fact that pro-line betting has to be done in a brick-and-mortar location while online betting only requires that the customer has a stable internet connection to access online betting sites to play online. The second difference is that while pro-line betting allows for a person to place multiple bets at once, online sportsbooks require the customer to place single-game bets. Furthermore, in Proline, the same game bets in combat sports are the most popular type of bet. They have been popularised by betting exchanges such as Betfair and they allow a more sophisticated form of same-game wagering.

Same Game

In sports betting, the same Game is a type of parlay which involves selecting one team to win more than once on the same day across more than one match up. For example, you might select Chelsea to beat both Manchester City and Arsenal

This is different from Classic Parlay where you pick multiple teams in the same game or same sport or sometimes related sports (e.g two football teams) to win straight up but only if all selections won’t overlap (i.e both teams can’t play at the same time). Single same game bets are similar to the same games but they involve teams playing in the same league.

– same game (proline)

– same game single (other bookies)

Single Game, in sports betting, is essentially a type of parlay betting where you choose one team or individual to win more than once on the same day across more than one match-up, without overlapping selections. For example, you might pick Andy Murray and Johanna Konta to both win their respective singles matches at Wimbledon. This bet type is popular among other online sportsbooks like Pinnacle Sports and 5Dimes  and can be found at most major online sports betting sites today. It involves making multiple wagers that cover different events with the same outcome – e.g., the same winner. What both Online and Proline Betting have in common though is fixed odds.

Fixed Odds

What are fixed odds in online betting?

A fixed odds bet (also known as a fixed-odds bet) is a wager where the amount you win or lose, and the stake you place to get into the bet, won’t change regardless of how much your odds chance to win increases or decreases. For instance, if you back an event at even money (1:1), then if it ends up coming through for you your fixed odds are fixed at one unit. If it doesn’t, then they’re fixed at zero units.

Types of fixed-odds betting

Fixed Odds are also offered on events that are either pre-determined or already underway by bookies allowing punters to back their opinions on future events with fixed stakes accepted by both parties before the outcome is decided. Of course, fixed odds are more often than not fixed at considerably less favorable rates than those offered on standard betting exchanges. These events include horse racing where fixed odds are also known as fixed price (each-way), football match scores and point spreads in American sports like basketball or ice hockey.

How fixed-odds work

The fixed odds (which may be any amount of money) will stay the same regardless of how much your chance to win increases. For example, if you place £10 with evens (1:1), then you’ll receive back ten pounds no matter what happens during an event. When the result is determined by a bookmaker, they set a fixed stake for each possible outcome, so if there are three possible outcomes, then fixed odds betting will come in three fixed stake variants.

1: 3 fixed at 10/1, for example: If you decide to back a horse at 1:3 fixed (10/1) and it comes through for you, then you’ll receive £10 x 3 = £30.  So win or lose your fixed stake is always set at 10/1 no matter how the horses finish. If there are only two possible outcomes then fixed-odds wagers usually come in 1:2 and 2:1 fixed-odds betting format with punters able to bet on either horse winning the race straight up (a simple win), or whether they’ll position ahead of their opponent (timer-board). The board option allows fixed odds betting to cover a variety of fixed stake outcomes, for example, if punters back two horses to finish in the top five (timer) and one of them finishes in the first place then fixed odds will be returned.

Key takeaways:   To win fixed odds you simply need to win or lose – there’s no chance of getting your stake back with the bookie. If you’re not sure what fixed odds is check out our guide on how fixed odds work. We also have more guides on Sports Betting, Horse Racing, and Football Betting.


For those of you who are looking for a way to gamble on your favorite sports team, Proline Betting may be the better option. It’s more secure because it doesn’t require users to enter personal information like their credit card number or address. But if you’re ready to take some risks, online betting is an excellent alternative with its plethora of benefits including ease of use and lower cost per bit. So what will it be?